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Perfect Styles 686 Enterprises Women's Smarty Cargo Pant Purple Sell Well

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  • Model: Pants 2788
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A fabric hook-and-loop fastener. It consists of two layers: a hook side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny hooks, and a loop side, which is covered with even smaller and hairier loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and hold the pieces together. When the layers are separated, the strips make a characteristic ripping sound.


Cordura is polyamide thread with extremely high resistance to abrasion and very hard wearing.


15,000mm water permeability 10,000gm moisture vapor transport. This fabric coating is microporous, which means it allows moisture from your body s perspiration to exit while preventing moisture from the elements to enter, thus staying dry and warm from the inside as well. Microporous coatings are polyurethane mixtures applied with high pressure to the back side of the shell fabric. The fabric goes through a three-step waterproofing process to ensure it stays soft and supple. These processes also produce added durability, heavier weight and softer drape.


A zippered vent on a jacket or pant that can quickly release heat.


The pant to jacket attachment system via the pant's upper body fabric loops and the adjoining jacket's waist gaiter snap tabs.

Bemis Overlay Film

Pant cuffs are reinforced to increases abrasion-resistance overall strength.


The first completely synthetic fiber developed. Known for its high strength and excellent resilience, nylon has superior abrasion resistance and high flexibility.

Boa Closure

A rotary closure system that uses a polymer-coated cable and elongated lace guides instead of eyelets. It is strong, lightweight, easy to use and evenly tightens the shoes; minimizing pressure points and providing on the fly tune-ability and dynamic fit.


A synthetic fiber that features quick drying time, high strength, abrasion resistance, and crease resistance; frequently blended with cotton, rayon, or other synthetics.

Smarty Technology

Smarty gives you the option to wear your garment in multiple ways: (1) Liner + Shell for integrated insulation, (2) Shell only for moderate days, and (3) Liner for warm days.It's the original trademarked 3-in-1 detachable layering system.

Smooth Operator

The Smooth Operator mesh gusset from 686 is a soft, catch-free mesh that provides lasting strength with causing catching or nicking. The mesh is light and breathable, acting as a ventilation system as well as a storage pocket. What makes the Smooth Operator tech so helpful when on the hill is its extended zipper guard. This design helps the zipper move freely without getting caught.

Ghetto Slit

Ghetto Slit is a zipper located along the cuff of the pant. The slit allows the cuff to extend over the boot, providing the pant with a more secure fit.