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Latest Sunice Men's Rapide Primadown Jacket Royal

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  • Model: Jackets 172
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Waterproof zippers from YKK


This product stretches based on the yarn used in the fabric (elasthane or spandex for example) or the weave of the fabric.

Wx Tech

A unique formula that allows air to flow freely through the fibers, maintaining maximum breathability of the garment and the ability to repel water.

Removable Hood

The hood can be removed by using a zipper or buttons.


A term used to describe fabrics or garments with closed pores, so water or air will not pass through.


Provides superior warmth for cold climates. Light weight synthetic insulation is used in upper construction.

Powder Skirt

A tight elasticized skirt that reduces heat loss. The closure also inhibits the entry of snow and wind from entering the bottom of the garment.


Fleece pile creates air pockets that trap air and retain body heat, which provides outstanding warmth, breathability and versatility in moderate to cold temperatures.


A synthetic fiber that features quick drying time, high strength, abrasion resistance, and crease resistance; frequently blended with cotton, rayon, or other synthetics.

Vent Mesh

The built in mesh in the vent allows cool air in, warm air out while helping to block dirt and/or bugs from getting in.

Breathable Fabric

A material's ability to allow sweat vapors to escape from the inside of the fabric.

Matte Finish

Metallic paint with a matte varnish finish.